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Membership Subscriptions & Match Fees:

All players are expected to take a membership of the club; we offer  a variety of different membership types to cater for individual circumstances.  We pride ourselves on offering excellent value for money compared with other cricket clubs in the Solihull region.

We charge a membership subscription to in order to continue to pay for our various running costs during the course of the year.  These including the maintenance and preparation of Marsh Lane, renting and preparing our 3rd XI ground, clubhouse running and maintenance costs, paying our ground staff, league registration fees, purchasing supplies and consumables, and investing in the capital equipment, such as the digital scoreboards, sightscreens, and second net cage that we have purchased in recent years.

By taking membership you ensure that you get the opportunity to train with the club, play matches, receive invites to various club social events, receive discounts on hiring the ground or clubhouse, and generally enjoy all the great facilities that the club has to offer.  By paying a membership you also ensure that you are covered by our Public Liability Insurance, offering both you and us vital legal protection.

Playing Memberships:

Playing Subscription packages are as available as follows for the 2018 season:

Full Playing Member - £130.00
Full Playing Members are aged 18 or over, and in full-time employment.

Student Playing Member - £55.00
Student Playing Members are aged 16 or over, and still in full-time education.

Unemployed Playing Member - £55.00
Unemployed Playing Members are aged 16 or over, not in full-time work or education.

Junior - £25.00
Junior Playing Members, under the age of 16.

Please note that 2018 Season Membership payments are due by Wednesday 31st May 2018.  Anyone who misses this deadline will incur a £20 Late Payment Surcharge.

How to Pay Your Membership:

We offer several different payment methods for convenience: BACS Transfer, Cheque, Cash, or Card payment.  Details on each are as per below:

BACS Transfer:
Account Name: Hampton & Solihull CC
Account Number: 31258532
Sort Code: 40-26-22

Please include your name as a Reference in order for the club to able to identify your payment

Payable to "Hampton & Solihull CC" and addressed to:
The Treasurer, c/o Hampton & Solihull Cricket Club, Marsh Lane, Solihull, B91 2PF

Cash payment to your match-day captain, the Membership Secretary, the Treasurer or, the Secretary.

Card payments can be taken at the bar - please ask the serving bar staff.

Joining the Club Mid-Season:

If a player joins the club part-way through the course of a season, then the usual Membership Deadline of 31st May will not apply, and the club will instead offer that player in question a period of one calendar month from their first appearance for the club to pay a membership fee.  After this period the Late Payment Surcharge of £20 will be applied.

Membership Fees for anyone joining the club on or after 1st July shall pay 50% of the full equivalent subscription for that year.

Membership Discount Scheme:

The club offers members the opportunity to earn a discount on their membership payment by raising money for the club from external sources, such as securing sponsorship, ground or room hires, or any other income stream.  This discount scheme works as follows:

For every £100 raised external revenue for the club, a member will receive a 25% discount on their membership for the season.  E.g. If a player sells an advertising board at £400/year, they would receive a 100% discount on their membership for that season.

A full price list of sponsorship options is available on the Sponsorship Page.

Match Fees:

In addition to Annual Membership, the club also charges a match fee payable on the day of the game. This match fee covers the cost of providing teas, the cost of match balls, and umpires and scorers fees where applicable.

Match fees are levied as follows:

Saturday 1st XI:
£10.00 (Full Playing Member) / £6.00 (All Concessions)

Saturday 2nd XI, Saturday 3rd XI & Sunday Lions XI:
£8.00 (Full Playing Member) / £6.00 (All Concessions)

None-Playing Memberships:

The club also offers a number of number of none-playing membership packages.  Social members can make full use of the clubhouse facilities; enjoying the same discounted ground or clubhouse discount as our Full Members.  They can attend all organised functions and social nights and they can make full use of the clubhouse.  Many love watching the cricket, supporting the teams and generally enjoying the facilities in a none-playing capacity.

None-Playing Memberships are levied as follows:

Vice President:
£40.00 (Individual) / £50.00 (Individual & Partner)

Social Member:
£30.00 (Full Playing Member) / £40.00 (Individual & Partner)

All payment methods for playing memberships can be used to pay for none-playing memberships as well.

Late Payment or None-Payment of Membership:

Any player who fails to pay their membership subscription by the 31st May will incur an additional late payment charge of £20.  This is none-negotiable and will apply to all who fail to pay by this point.

The Selection Committee reserve the right not to select players who have an membership payment outstanding.

For every 12 months that passes without an outstanding membership payment being settled, the player will have an additional late payment charge of £20 added.

Any player who wishes to transfer from the club must ensure that they have no outstanding debts before a transfer is granted, in line with Warwickshire Cricket League Transfer Policy and Guidelines.

Players Unable to Pay Membership:

If a member is struggling to pay their membership then they are welcome to approach the Membership Secretary or Management Board with their circumstances in order to formulate a payment plan, or alternate payment arrangement.  Please note that the Membership Secretary or Management Board are far more likely to agree to be sympathetic to such circumstances with early notification, and that any approach after the passing of the Membership Payment deadline of 31st May will be rejected.